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Burger King’s New Chicken King Sells Out in Two Weeks


At Burger King, everything on the menu receives a royal treatment worthy of a crown. From making the iconic flame-grilled Whopper to breathing new life into its sides to making plant-based meals hip and exciting–Burger King is a kingdom where great food rules. 

But BK is always on the lookout to expand its territory, and with the rising calls of chicken lovers, the royal court of BK could only give another staple the royal treatment it is due. 

Introducing Burger King’s Chicken King!

Burger King Chicken King_5

In a royal dinner hosted by Burger King Philippines at its Ortigas Roosevelt store, the burger chain celebrated the much-awaited arrival of the newest chicken sandwich player in town–Chicken King.

“We are delighted that Chicken King is finally here in the Philippines and it’s ready to rule the taste buds of every Filipino,” said John Velasco, Country General Manager of Burger King Philippines. 

Burger King Chicken King x John Velasco PH Country General Manager_3

“Fans of chicken sandwiches can now indulge in Burger King’s Chicken King where they’ll feel like royalty with every bite,” he added.

And indulge they have, as Burger King announced that Chicken King sold out within a mere two weeks after its initial salvo on July 26. “In fact, we didn’t expect for it to be this big of a hit. We were astounded by the warm reception that Filipinos have given Chicken King when it first became available in our restaurants, resulting in our limited stocks for the next few weeks,” Velasco pronounced.

Burger King Chicken King

But what is there about this Chicken King?

As every royalty needs its loyal subjects, Chicken King boasts of bold flavors and hefty portions that will surely fulfill the desires of its discerning audience, making it worthy of its title “king”.

Chicken King is made with golden whole muscle chicken thigh that is incredibly meaty, juicy, and flavorful. It is marinated in various spices long enough to give the meat irresistible bold flavors, cooked to golden brown perfection for a mouthful of crispy goodness. 

Burger King Chicken King_2

Of course, Burger King will not miss the fresh veggies! Juicy tomato and crispy lettuce wrap around the flavorful patty and bring out the freshness to balance out the sandwich’s flavor. It is also topped with smooth and creamy mayonnaise dressing that gives the sandwich a complete tasty bite.

Meanwhile, perfectly sandwiching the crisp and flavorful ingredients are soft buttery potato buns, which give off a unique and satisfying “melt-in-your-mouth” sensation.

One of the first guests who tried Chicken King left a note at the restaurant which said, “I like the flavor of the chicken. It’s very crispy and juicy!” Another guest feedback also said, “Everything about this sandwich works–from the bun to the thickness of the chicken.”

Burger King Chicken King_8

“All our guests, who are the real kings, deserve to be treated like royalty which is why we went all out with perfecting the Chicken King to suit the Filipino’s taste buds, allowing them to indulge and satisfy their kingly cravings with bold flavors coupled with bolder portions,” added Velasco.

With Chicken King selling out fast, make sure to get your hands on it the soonest you can! Chicken King is currently available in all Mega Manila, Pampanga, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, and Bulacan BK restaurants. Hop on the bandwagon to bestow your judgment and crown the true King yourself!

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