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QBO Innovation Hub Launched New QBO App

QBO Innovation Hub recently launched a new Android and iOS application, the QBO App!

QBO Innovation Hub Launched New QBO App

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Grand Taipan First Premiere Property in San Juan – Verano Greenhills

There’s a new premier property in Greenhills and those who wish to invest might want to watch out for this! Grand Taipan, a real estate company breaks ground its first and premiere residential condominium and serviced residence, Verano Greenhills.

Grand Taipan First Premiere Property in San Juan - Verano Greenhills
Present during the event were (from left to right) San Juan City building official Ar. Romeo Gonzales; HBA Manila Director Ar. Norman Agleron; Grand Taipan executives; (6th from the left) Presidential Adviser on Investments Atty. Antonio A. Cablitas; Grand Taipan President Joeben Tai; Grand Taipan VP for finance Analyn Agabin; and Greenhills Brgy Chairman Alan Yam.

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FWD Life Philippines Blaze a Trail in the Arctic Campaign

Experience the coolest adventure in the world via FWD Life Philippines Blaze a Trail in the Arctic Campaign!

FWD Life Philippines, one of the country’s fastest-growing insurers, today launched its “Blaze a Trail in the Arctic” campaign in conjunction with the FWD North Pole Marathon 2018, the world’s coolest marathon which will be held on April 9 this year. FWD is the marathon’s title sponsor.

FWD will sponsor ten (10) runners from six (6) countries across Asia who will showcase their passion and determination to take on extreme challenges and embrace this experience of a lifetime, traversing the 42-kilometer path with an average temperature of -30 degrees centigrade. The North Pole Marathon is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the “Northernmost Marathon on Earth”.

FWD Life Philippines Blaze a Trail in the Arctic Campaign

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Use Online Study App To Learn History

You can either find History an interesting subject or a very boring one. History used to be such a boring subject for me until we had a wonderful History teacher. This particular History teacher transformed learning into a storytelling time for us. From then on, we looked forward to every lesson with her. Thanks to this teacher, I scored a good grade on my History subject.

This particular teacher never used the textbook. In fact, she didn’t even refer to the textbook at all and we never need to open it. Teachers play an important role in our learning. The teacher can either make learning interesting to hold the students’ attention or make the students lose concentration or even fall asleep!

Online History App

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SM Woman Plus – Bituin Escalante, Radha and Frenchie Dy ‪#‎FashionForEveryWoman‬

The state of fashion has greatly evolved over the last few years. Women are no longer constrained by fashion’s rules because they are as diverse as their talent and skills. Women are now more free to express themselves and proudly wear whatever they please.

SM Woman Plus

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Health Buzz

Rauch Happy Day Orange Juice Shares Five Tips for Self-Love

Valentine’s Day may be over but it’s still the Love month – still a perfect time to start taking care of yourself! February is not just all about romance and relationship, as it’s clearly the best occasion to celebrate the most important person: You. So for the love of yourself, Rauch Happy Day Orange Juice got tips that will refresh your habits and will spark motivation of investing in yourself with food and fitness as the beginning.

Rauch Happy Day Orange Juice

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Food Talk

Goldilocks Lenten Specials

It’s Lenten season once again – a time to reflect, repent, fast, prepare and focus on our relationship with God. In a Catholic country like ours, the 40 day period of Lent represents a time for deep and prayerful reflection. Part of this remembrance is to practice abstinence, wherein adult Catholics are encouraged to refrain from eating any form of meat every Friday during Lent.

Goldilocks Lenten Specials

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McDonald’s Perfect Pair: Chicken McDo and Fries, ShaGab Reunion!

There are things that should be bought, used or eaten in pairs, just coz one is better off paired with another, in tandem, in couples or in a duo. At McDonald’s, the Chicken McDo is so lonely without its partner, the World Famous Fries, thus when you order, it’s a must to grab both 🙂

McDonald&'s Best-Tasting Chicken McDo and World Famous Fries

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Food Talk

Goldilocks Valentine’s Day PFF Mix and Match Combo Promo!

Are you that type of guy who ALWAYS gives flowers and chocolates to your girlfriend, wife, mother or sister? Well, it’s about time to change your style! Why not treat your loved ones somewhere satisfying, sweet and delicious like Goldilocks!

Flowers and love letters are the norm for Valentine’s Day. Surely, you old-fashioned romantics have these on your checklist. But, of course, it’s always advisable to go the extra mile. Give the object of your affection something that will bring satisfaction and sweetness, not only to their hearts, but also their tummies and taste buds.

Goldilocks Valentine's Day PFF Mix and Match Combo Promo!

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Never Say Die Movie

Before KPOP domination here in the Philippines, Chinese movies were considered crowd favorites in the foreign film entertainment scene especially with themes leaning toward romcom, action, and supernatural. Another instance was during the height of the Mexican telenovela in the country in early 2000, Chinese series Meteor Garden starring F4 was such a big hit on Television.

Chinese movie followers or even those who crave for fresh films are in for a hilarious treat as the recent blockbuster top grosser in China and Hong Kong over the recent months will now be shown in the country. Never Say Die will leave you excited all throughout the film and will have you laughing your heart out as Ai Lun (Edison) and Ma Li (Xiao Xiao) bring you a mixture of all the elements you love in a Chinese film; Action, RomCom and Supernatural all in one movie. The film is the highest-grossing in China in 2017 with a whopping US$334 million recorded in the box office.


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