Why You Need to Carefully Think About Your Business Logo


Some of you might argue: The success of a startup doesn’t depend on the logo. It’s all about the quality of products and services you offer to your target market. If it’s something useful, if it’s what they constantly need, if it’s something they can afford, and if they can get it with a breeze—that’s one way you can measure whether the business will stand firm, grow and flourish in years to come.

While that is true, it doesn’t mean you can underestimate what a well-thought brand logo can do for your business. It’s still a crucial part of your marketing mix. Think about well-known brands around the world such as Apple, Nike, or McDonald’s.

You know for sure, even from afar, that there’s a nearby McDonald’s franchise as you drive down the highway and see its roadside logo indicating that it’s just 600 meters away. By just seeing an apple-with-a-bite logo on the back of the phone, you know with a hundred percent certainty that it is an iPhone. Without guessing, you can tell that a pair of shoes is created by Nike.

So, what can we learn from those examples?

1. A logo introduces your brand.

Your brand name and slogan make up the verbal identity of your company. A logo, on the other hand, is the main visual identity of your brand. Thus, when you have all these combined, it gives your brand an identity in its shortest, most summarized form. Sites like City Tech can give you more insights on how you can come up with an ideal brand logo.

A logo that is professional, sleek, cool, unique, simple, and easy to remember can create intrigue to your target market. They may ask: What’s the story behind this visual identity? Why did the company come up with that? What’s their concept? And these questions lead us to the next reason why your business should seriously think about your logo.

2. It encourages your target market to be familiar with your products and services.

Now, that you’ve successfully introduced your brand to your target market, you can place your logo anywhere—on your product packaging, your website, your banner ads, your email newsletters, your social media pages, and even your employees’ t-shirts.

Business Logo

And so, as your target market often sees your brand logo, they become more familiar with your company. Sooner or later, whenever they see your logo even without your brand name on it, they will conclude right away that it’s indeed your business.

Also, think about how many people could come across your brand. Some of them may come from a different country that doesn’t use the same alphabet and characters in your language. Some of them are kids who may not know how to read yet. Some who have eyesight problems might encounter your roadside signs and banner ads. And what do they all have in common? They may not be able to read your name or slogan or understand it, but they can pick visual clues from your logo. They can be more familiar with your products and services even without reading your name, your slogan, and your ad copy.

3. A distinct brand logo sets you apart among your major competitors and fosters brand loyalty.

Imagine the individuals from your target market who might be always in a hurry. They can be busy professionals, mothers who have so many responsibilities at home, or simply, people who don’t have too much patience comparing products. Sometimes, they may just skim through a sea of products from various brands on a store shelf and look for a brand that’s familiar to them. When they catch a glimpse of its logo, they quickly grab it and drop it straight to their cart.

So, you see? Most people may already have a distinct brand for their soap, shampoo, toothpaste, bread, cereals, and many other products that their competitors don’t even matter no matter how many they are. They may not even think twice! That’s because they’ve tried a brand already and it created a sense of trust in them that they don’t consider switching to other brands, unless, their favorite isn’t available. And what helps them locate their favorite brands easily? One of the keys is the brand logo. Read more about the advantages of a good logo here. Your logo is the visual identity of your business in its shortest, most summarized form. It can communicate your intent, what you stand for, and what your products or services are all about. It can create an initial sense of familiarity and trust, and foster brand loyalty in the long run. Give it a serious thought.


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