Why do people like Flavored soju?


K-drama and unli-samgyup deals have certainly captured the hearts of Filipinos young and old. Even in the pandemic, people have found ways to enjoy these new Asian faves. Nowadays, you don’t have to go to specialty restaurants and bars to enjoy Korean soju. You can even be your own bartender and mix up your own flavored soju.

Korean Drink Staple

Soju is often regarded as the “national spirit” of South Korea. This clear alcoholic drink is similar to vodka – more like a less potent choice for those who prefer a lighter drink. It has an alcohol content of 19 to 25 percent as compared to vodka’s 40 percent.  

In Korean tables, soju is a mainstay at mealtimes. The sharp and sweet taste combo serves to round up the flavors in Korean dishes. Perhaps this same sweet taste that comes from the sugar added during its distillation makes it appealing to young people too. Another reason for this popularity is the many fun ways you can enjoy Korean soju.

Flavored Soju

Lovin’ Flavored Soju and More

While Koreans drink soju plain and in shot glasses with their meals, young people all over the world have become creative in enjoying their soju at home or in parties and bars. Aside from the original flavor, soju brands now offer this popular drink in an array of flavors.

Jinro’s Grapefruit and Strawberry flavors are crowd favorites. These fruity flavors perk up every shot with hints of tartness. Not far behind in the list of faves are the Green Grapes and Plum Flavors. They add a playful zing to the sweet taste of the Original Chamisul.

Mixing Up Your Soju

These flavored drinks are great for mixing up cocktails too. Korean soju cocktails are easy enough to prepare with only two to three ingredients that are available in your local supermarket.

Here are some of the more popular variations of flavored soju that you can try out yourself (…or next time you’re with good company):

Flavored Soju

1. Soju Yakult – soju and Yakult

2. Cojinganmek – soju, coke, and beer

3. Ujjujju Melony – soju and melona ice cream bar

4. Korean Screwdriver – soju and orange juice

5. Soju Coffee – soju and coffee

These cocktails are all served on the rocks except for Ujjujju Melony, where the ice cream serves to cool the drink. You may also add Sprite, the local alternative to the Chilsung Cider that the Koreans use for their soju cocktails.  No matter how you enjoy your Korean soju, always remember to drink in moderation and stay safe in the company of family and friends.  

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