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Vacation Time!


I haven’t really gone on a vacation for a few years now but this year, I vowed to have at least a few days of R&R or I’ll go crazy!

It’s school break so the kids will make me crazier even more that they are home all the time, lol. Plus, work has gone on a different level and is giving me a lot of stress lately. Thus, several vacations are needed to help me relax a little and enjoy my family.

We’ve already gone to a short one last week. Checked in a fab hotel, dine and slept for hours. Though it’s not enough. I need some more! hahaha

Now, I’m urging hubby to get a few days leave from the office so that we can have at least a long one. No plans yet on where we will go but I really want some place quiet and not crowded. Though some friends are also planning something more lively when we get together for our much awaited “alone time”. Disco hopping with awesome dj lighting is included because we want to relive our old single days, lol.

Well, let’s see what will happen but what’s sure is I’ll have a blast!


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