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Taiwan Pork: Culinary Delight Connecting Cultures


Taiwan, known for its rich culinary heritage and commitment to quality, is proud to introduce its premium pork products to the Philippine market.

Under the sponsorship of the Taiwan Ministry of Agriculture and led by the Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI) of Taiwan, the Taiwan Pork initiative aims to bring high-quality Taiwan pork products to Filipino consumers and businesses, and to establish a strong presence in the Philippines. This campaign is set to create new opportunities for importers and strengthen bilateral trade relations between Taiwan and the Philippines.

Taiwan Pork presented its premium pork products at Ayala Malls Manila Bay

Taiwan is renowned for its commitment to quality assurance throughout the entire production process – adhering to rigorous standards and employing advanced technologies to ensure that its pork products meet the highest quality and safety benchmarks.

Chang Hwang-Jen, Vice President of CDRI, expressed enthusiasm about this endeavor in the Philippines, stating, “We are excited to bring Taiwan Pork’s legacy of quality and innovation to the Filipino market. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our understanding of local preferences, positions us to become a trusted partner for Filipino households.”

To enhance its local presence and better connect with Filipino consumers, Taiwan is actively seeking partnerships with local distributors, retailers, and other key stakeholders. These collaborations will contribute to the growth of the local economy while ensuring efficient distribution of Taiwan pork products.

The CDRI is working with various meat suppliers to offer a diverse array of pork products to cater to the varied preferences and needs of Filipino consumers. From premium cuts to specialty products, Taiwan Pork is committed to providing a wide range of options that meet the discerning culinary needs of the Philippine market.

Taiwan BBQ Pork with Osmanthus and Honey Sauce

These suppliers include Black Bridge Foods, founded in 1957, which is well-known for the solid taste and juicy aroma of its processed meat products; Cha I Shan, a well-known pork processing company, integrating modern equipment and technology to produce top-of-the-line fresh pork; Chia Nan Food, provides end-to-end service and the creation of the final best products; Du Hsiao Yueh, best known for their traditional dan tzai noodles, one of the traditional Taiwanese signature cuisines; Food Lee, a multi-awarded food company, known for its remarkable contributions to traditional Taiwanese food; Hairei, founded in 1948, a leading company in providing high-quality meatball products; Jin Tian Foods, known for their bestselling Taiwanese meatballs; Odiva, an established brand that produces top-quality Taiwanese black pig pork, and; Way Fong, recognized as one of the leading brands in the pork jerky and pork floss market.

Jennifer Chang and Eva Tu of the Commerce Development Research Institute of Taiwan with Spiral’s Chef Mok Chee Wah together with Taiwan Pork distributors

To kick off the Taiwan Pork campaign in Manila, Taiwan Pork has partnered with Spiral, Sofitel Manila’s flagship restaurant and award-winning dining destination, to include Taiwanese pork products and dishes in the Spiral buffet menu this holiday season until early 2024. Some of the dishes featured in this partnership include Taiwanese-style deep-fried pork chop, braised minced pork with rice, BBQ pork with osmanthus and honey sauce, pan-fried pork sausage, and meatball noodle soup.

Through the Taiwan Pork campaign, Taiwan looks forward to a successful venture in the Philippines and is eager to contribute to the culinary landscape of the country with its premium pork products.


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