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Novartis: Systane Ultra Lubricating Eyedrops

Pinoys are known to spend more time on the net. Online workers like me spend most of our waking hours on the net. Our usual problems? Backaches and really tired eyes or dry eyes at the end of the day. I work 10 hours or more each day, gazing always at the monitor, no fun at all but it helps pay the bills.

Dry Eyes Syndrome is a common condition that occurs when your tears are unable to provide adequate lubrication for your eyes. Tears can be inadequate for many reasons. For example, dry eyes may occur if you don’t produce enough tears or if you produce poor-quality tears. DES signs and symptoms, which usually affect both eyes, may include a stinging, burning or scratchy sensation in your eyes; stringy mucus in or around your eyes; sensitivity to light; eye redness; a sensation of having something in your eyes; difficulty wearing contact lenses; difficulty with nighttime driving; watery eyes; and blurred vision or eye fatigue.

Novartis Dry Eye Syndrome Awareness - Systane Ultra Lubricating Eyedrops