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Children in El Niño Affected Mindanao

Children are the most vulnerable when there are calamities, drought or any type of disasters. Of course, parents would do anything to save their kids even if it means the worst could happen to the parents while in the process.

In Mindanao especially in Maguindanao, severe drought affects children’s health and well-being, limiting their access to clean water and nutritious food. Farming is one of the main sources of income there, producing mainly maize. Instead of lush green cornfields, people now see only dry farmlands. Since many families earn their living through farming, low harvest resulting from damaged crops also affect their ability to feed and provide for their children. Pregnant and lactating mothers unable to afford nutritious food also put their babies in peril, resulting in low birth weight or insufficient breast milk supply.

Children in El Niño Affected Mindanao
A farmer shows the damage to the harvest caused by drought. Because of low harvest, families have had to look for other sources of income to provide for their families. ©UNICEF Philippines/2016/Maitem