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Spend Wisely for the Rainy Days: Make the Most Out of your Money


Rainy days mean sweater weather, a warm cup of hot chocolate, and the need to waterproof almost anything if you’re out and about. As the rainy season comes in full swing, you’ll need more than your trusty umbrella to brave the weather. 

It helps to have an e-wallet app that will help you weather life’s storms – both the literal floodwaters and heavy downpours that make it extra difficult to go places to the unanticipated happenings that drain your wallet. More than just a way of sending and receiving money, GCash is a one-stop shop that can help you fulfill your necessities and emergency expenses while giving you extra perks and rewards. 

Here are the ways you can fully utilize GCash to make the most out of your money when you need to spend, so rainy days won’t let you down:

Shop without leaving home

Shopping using your e-wallet app saves you the extra cost of going to and from different physical stores, especially as gas prices now are at an all-time high. Spend your money on important purchases instead of splurging for gas when you browse from any of the 139,000 merchants accepting GCash as a payment option. From shopping needs on Lazada, gaming credits on Codashop, and food deliveries Foodpanda for deliveries, GCash has got you covered! You can also get your hands on a variety of curated items and services from lifestyle brands on the GCash app through the GLife service.

Save your energy, time, and money when you shop with just a few taps, pay directly from your e-wallet, and wait for your items to be delivered straight to your doorstep!


Be on the lookout for exclusive vouchers

Staying on budget while shopping online is a chore, but you get the best deals if you’re a savvy shopper. You don’t have to pay full price if you check vouchers and freebies on rewards platforms like A+ Rewards on GCash. There are flash deals and promos on stores and restaurants for as much as 85% discount, or 1-peso coupons for full-week streaming subscriptions. For Google Play promos on A+ Rewards, get P40 off for a minimum spend of P49 for Call of Duty Mobile; Mobile Legends: Bang Bang; YouTube, and Google One. Keep an eye out for seasonal promos and vouchers you can use when shopping online to get more bang for your buck. 

Take advantage of flexible payment options

Instead of making a one-time payment, consider paying in installments for your big-ticket items, such as gadgets and appliances, to avoid disrupting your monthly budget. Even if you don’t have a credit card, you can still take advantage of flexible payment terms through GGives when you pay using GCash. Once you activate GGives on the GCash app, you can pay in 3, 6, or 12-month terms with zero downpayments and no processing fees. Just keep using the various services in GCash to increase your GScore and be eligible for GGives!

Rainy days are here to stay for a little while, and while it brings with it unexpected expenses you may have to shell out money for, a safe, convenient, and rewarding e-wallet app like GCash will make the downpour manageable. By helping you get something back each time you need to pay, GCash gives you more reasons to lighten up even as the rainy days are here. Download the GCash app on App Store or Google Play and get the most out of your hard-earned money when you #PayWith GCash!


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