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Redoxon: The World’s Pioneer Immunity Protector since 1934 Now in the Philippines!


With the hustle and bustle of modern-day life that comes with constant weather changes, busy schedules which cause poor diet, aging, and more, it is essential to protect, defend, and strengthen the immune system to be ready for whatever life throws our way. Achieving this begins with a healthy morning habit of having a good, balanced breakfast paired with taking multivitamins for extra measure. 

“The immune system is fundamental to one’s total health and wellness because it safeguards our body against disease-causing germs such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites from making us sick,” said Dr. Leah Manio, Bayer Philippines Consumer Health Medical Lead. 

Redoxon Philippines
Redoxon Panelists (L-R_ Dr. Leah Manio M.D., Alek Jethro Barcia, Marie Lozano, Megan Young, Mikael Daez, _ Chef Ed Bugia)_

Ascorbic Acid + Zinc + Cholecalciferol (Redoxon®), the world’s pioneer immunity protector for over 80 years, is now in the Philippines to help you and your family start the day by building stronger immunity, with proper diet and exercise, to allow you to make the most out of daily opportunities and be resilient in the face of challenges.  

Ascorbic Acid + Zinc + Cholecalciferol (Redoxon®) Triple Action multivitamins and mineral is a sugar-free effervescent tablet formulated with 3-in-1 nutrients such as Vitamin C which protects the body’s cells from oxidative stress that can cause cell damage; Zinc, which produces cells that defend the immune system; and Vitamin D3 which strengthens immunity with antibodies.

“With our global immunity expertise, we want to be able to fill the gap of addressing Filipino household’s concern of facing year-round immuno-threats, most especially during times when diseases and viruses are at an all-time high. Our advanced formulation offers confidence and peace of mind to parents, breadwinners, and other heads of the household in protecting their families by starting their day with a breakfast immunity drink,” said Alek Barcia, Associate Marketing Manager. 

Shaina Regina Darmawan, Bayer’s Consumer Health Country Division Head said, “Bayer Philippines continues to stay committed to our global vision of “Health for all, Hunger for none” It is our commitment to enhancing the quality of life of every Filipino by promoting self-care and a healthier lifestyle through the superior products we introduce to the market.”

Redoxon Philippines

When you have a busy lifestyle and you need to be at your best, some occasional support is always helpful. With Ascorbic Acid + Zinc + Cholecalciferol Redoxon® Triple Action multivitamins and minerals, proper diet, and exercise, you can achieve a strong immune system with complete 3-in-1 benefits to improve your and your family’s health one tablet at a time. #BeRedoxonReady every day. Try it now!

Ascorbic Acid + Zinc + Cholecalciferol (Redoxon®) Triple Action multivitamins and mineral comes in orange flavor and is available on all leading drugstores nationwide (select branches) and e-commerce sites in a tube of 15’s at Php 254 SRP and ’30s at Php450 SRP. Visit here for more information. 

Ascorbic acid + Zinc + Cholecalciferol is the generic name of Redoxon. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.


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