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HuGinhawa Neozep Day ‪#‎YakapNeozepWithALDEN‬


I usually had colds when I was a kid coz I suffer from allergic rhinitis and the only thing that my dad gave me to immediately clear my clogged nose was Neozep. We know of no other brands but that and “nakalakihan na”, so when I finally left home, you know, became independent and worked in the corporate world, I always had a “banig of Neozep” in my med kit. I developed asthma due to the Manila pollution and had to change my medication. Neozep was part of my growing up years, and it was truly the only over-the-counter medicine that made me feel the “ginhawa” in breathing.

Neozep Ambassador Alden Richards Huginhawa Neozep Day

Last October 14th, the Huginhawa Neozep Day event was held at Festival Mall Alabang and attended by hundreds of Alden Richards fans, who by the way is the brand ambassador for Neozep. Some fans who won in the Ginhawa Stories were the fortunate ones who got to hug Alden and was given their own Neozep Yakap Pillow prizes.

Neozep Ambassador Alden Richards Huginhawa Neozep Day

Prior to this main event, Neozep already had Alden Richards promote the brand with his Yakap Pillow, to serve as his own hug whenever you feel like under the weather, well apart from taking Neozep. You can collect all 3 Yakap Pillows at participating drugstores, you can find the list on Neozep’s FB Page.

Watch Alden’s #SagotSaGinhawa whenever he has colds and this is also part of Neozep’s Ginhawa Stories.

It was a fun-filled afternoon together with the different Alden Richards fans and the Huginhawa Neozep Day didn’t end there! Chosen few had a dinner date with Alden! We also got to take close up photos and I was close to hugging him but got shy, lol

Anyway, to wrap up this very momentous experience for all of us, Alden sang a few songs that made us feel more loved and appreciated! Watch this!

For more details on Neozep and yes, Alden’s Yakap Pillows, please head over to their Fb page –

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