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Complete Nutrition with Abbott – Deals, Discount Vouchers and Free Shipping on Shopee


As we always say, Health is Wealth so we really need to take care of our body especially since we have been cooped up at home for a very long time now. A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced and nutritious diet, exercise, and of course, supplements.

If you haven’t started your health journey yet, you can include Abbott products on your list and make sure that you are #AlagangAbbott starting this holiday season!

To give you an idea of healthy and nutritious supplements here’s a perfect way to jumpstart your diet with the inclusion of Abbott Glucerna.

Glucerna Triple Care has a Pro-Insulin System, a scientifically-formulated blend of activated carbohydrates and healthy fatty acids that work in your digestive tract to help stimulate the release of hormones that promote your body’s natural insulin production.

Think of it as something healthy that can help your body produce insulin naturally so as to keep better blood sugar control all day long.

Abbott Glucerna

Glucerna also has unique heart-friendly fatty acids and Omega-3 fatty acids and contains a unique blend of ingredients including soluble fiber and FOS scientifically designed for people with diabetes.

I’m borderline diabetic and I need to lose weight because as per the weighing scale (hahahaha) I’m already obese. I’m dieting but I don’t like drinking pills or doing anything drastic so I replace my breakfast or lunch meal with Glucerna.

So, are you ready to change your lifestyle into a healthy one? Or do you think a loved one needs a boost? You can get awesome prices of up to 20% OFF on Abbott’s Brand Day on Dec 17 plus Add On Deals, Discount Vouchers, and Free Shipping! Check it out here –


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