Commercenter: Dia de los Muertos Halloween Celebration


Want to celebrate Halloween with a twist? It’s not your usual and Commercenter is bringing you the Day of the Dead or the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos!

If you’re looking for a unique way to experience Halloween, you have to make time to swing by Commercenter. As early as the third of October, the aisles and walkways of the boutique mall will be draped in Dia de los Muertos-inspired decorations such as brightly colored flowers, Mexican fiesta streamers, and jewel-eyed grinning skulls. The family-friendly mall promises to transform itself into a fun, brightly-colored, magical place in stark contrast to the darker colors of the season, inviting visitors for several unique experiences that they can only find there, and only at this time of the year.

Mall-goers will be encouraged to try their hand at decorating traditional Mexican sugar skulls. Called Calaveras de Azucar, these toothy symbols of the Day of the Dead are traditionally placed on a family’s altar or the graves of family members to call them back to the land of the living for just one night. They’re not scary at all, though, and adults and kids alike will enjoy making the plain white skulls come alive with all kinds of imaginative decorations.

A special Halloween-themed photobooth will be set up so that participants can take a picture as a memento of their fun activity.

Commercenter: Dia de los Muertos Halloween Celebration

One thing that will keep with the fun traditions of Halloween will be the special Trick or Treat event on October 26, 2018. There will be prizes and awards for the kids that come in the best costumes and make the most creative sugar skulls. Of course, treats will be handed out from participating stores to trick-or-treaters.

Slots are limited, though, so if you and your child would want to go trick-or-treating or skull decorating, it would be best to register early. Signups start on October 9 at the Commercenter Activity Booth, and will only run until all the slots are filled. Each slot goes for P150, and each registered child is guaranteed a loot bag of goodies during the Dia de los Muertos event.

Don’t miss out! Come and experience Halloween at Commercenter like you’ve never seen it before, and bring the kids!


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