CHERRY CARES by MSN FOUNDATION INC. Rolls Out Donations for Victims of Typhoon Agaton


With the devastation that ensued from the onslaught of Typhoon Agaton, Cherry Cares by MSN Foundation Inc. takes heed and reaches out to residents that continue to bear up against the aftermath of the said disaster.

The foundation went to the severely hit city of Baybay, Leyte, and the municipality of Abuyog, Leyte to donate rice, water, canned goods, biscuits, coffee, instant noodles, and blankets to families and individuals affected and still recovering from the typhoon.


“Unfortunate events like this call for and inspire the spirit of Bayanihan from within each of us. Upon learning of the impact of the typhoon, we immediately mobilized help to the most vulnerable communities specifically in the Visayas islands,” says Agnes Conopio, PR and CSR Head of CHERRY.

Among the recipients were the Municipal Evacuation Center, Abuyog Community College, Baybay City Senior High School, and Baybay Night High School which currently serve as temporary shelters for the displaced residents. The initiative was also made possible with the assistance of the AGIMAT Partylist. 

“On the ground, it is incontestable that the areas affected are still in the process of recovery. A lot of efforts are still needed so we encourage everyone to work hand and hand in helping our kababayan bounce back from the dire straits that they are currently in,” shares Mine Heart Tantoy, RSW, Program Officer, Cherry Cares by MSN Foundation Inc.

As part of its Disaster Response and Relief Operations Program, Cherry Cares by MSN Foundation Inc. is always at the forefront of relief initiatives in times of disaster. During the last quarter of 2021 until early this year, the foundation also consistently deployed aid to Odette-hit provinces, in the form of food packs and other essentials.  

CHERRY caRES is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principle of Cherry Mobile that stands for Customers, nAtural Resources, Employees, and Society. It embodies the deep desire of the company to give back, share, care, and create a positive impact not just for its own people but more for the greater whole. Since 2011, CHERRY caREs laid the groundwork for the establishment of the MSN Foundation, now the corporate foundation of CHERRY. It has spun various education, health, environment, livelihood, and community development programs in the hope of improving lives and igniting change in the nation one community at a time.


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