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Cetaphil Baby – The Most Gentle Line of Baby Products


Moms fret not! Cetaphil Baby is here for your baby’s delicate skin! Cetaphil Baby is the complete line of products that are as gentle as a mother’s touch, that touch that is filled with only the utmost love. Each ingredient responds to the cleansing and moisturizing needs of your baby’s normal skin. Cetaphil Baby is hypoallergenic, soap-free and tear-free. It is dermatologist tested and clinically proven to be gentle for the normal skin.

Cetaphil Baby - The Most Gentle Line of Baby Products

You carried your baby for 9 months and formed a bond that will remain strong and steadfast for all your life. Do you remember the first moment when you held him? When all your emotions washed over you and were focused on caring for that tiny person? Do you remember making that vow that you would not let any harm come to him? So, of course, you make sure no fly lands on his skin, that you disinfect all hands that hold him, that he is not too cold nor too warm, that you anticipate and address each and every one of his needs.

So you take pains to give your baby only the best: the healthiest food appropriate for all stages of development, toys that will help usher his cognitive and physical development, and the gentlest skincare that will care and not irritate his skin.

Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash and Shampoo - The Most Gentle Line of Baby Products

“There are no parabens, mineral oil nor soap in Cetaphil Baby. That makes it the most gentle line of baby products and ensures that there is no room for skin irritation and allergies that can be very uncomfortable for babies,” says says Catherine Palma-Dilanco, Cetaphil Brand Manager

The Cetaphil Baby line is composed of Ultra Moisturizing Bath & Wash, Gentle Wash & Shampoo, Shampoo, Daily Lotion, Massage Oil. All of these combine to not only care for your child’s needs today but form the basis for soft and healthy skin as he grows up.

So give your baby the most gentle care that only a mother can give with Cetaphil Baby, available in drugstores, department stores and supermarkets nationwide. For more information, check out Cetaphil on Facebook –


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