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Century Pacific Food Inc. Assures Enough Food Supply


The country’s biggest canned food maker, Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CPFI) assures the public of adequate supply of its products to meet the heightened demands of consumers during this period of Expanded Community Quarantine

“Thanks to the support of the Department of Trade & Industry and the Inter-Agency Task Force, we are able to maintain a smooth flow of goods. Our factories are continually operating with enough capacity despite the use of a skeletal workforce. Thus, we currently have sufficient stock of products in our warehouses so there is no need to panic or worry that supply might run out,” says Ted Po, CPFI President. 

Century Pacific Food Argentina

“There is enough raw materials and ingredients to sustain production. Our trade partners, distributors, and retailers also have enough supply.” Ted Po says.

CPFI food products include such brands as Century Tuna, Argentina, 555, Swift, Birch Tree Fortified Milk, Angel Milk, Fresca, Wow Ulam, Hunt’s and Coco Mama.  “Let us all do our share in beating COVID19 by not panic buying,” Po added.


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yay!at times like this need talaga ang mga ready to eat food like this.Thankfully you have enough supply for us..

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