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Artificial Intelligence Effect on the Future of Public Relations


Artificial intelligence’s effect on the future of Public Relations took center stage at the recent “Student and Young Practitioner Month” by the Global Alliance. Engaging diverse panelists across continents — Asia-Pacific, Middle East South Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin, and North America — the three-day webinar series, held from October 24 to 27, generated thought-provoking discussions from over 2,000 attendees over three days.

Designed to enrich knowledge for students and young practitioners, this series formed part of the Global Alliance’s professional development efforts, aligning with their ongoing “KNow Movement” campaign.

Activities included “Career Day,” exploring the impact of technology, particularly AI, and the insights shared in the CIPR report, “Humans needed more than ever.” The report highlighted that AI could complement or substitute 12% of a PR practitioner’s skills today, with a projected 38% within the next five years.

However, the survey also emphasized that vital human traits such as empathy, trust, and humor remain irreplaceable.

Global Alliance

Other activities, including the “Jobs Fair” and “Deep Talk” sessions, provided a platform for industry experts to discuss their experiences and enhance shared knowledge within the PR domain. The survey also revealed trends in gender diversity and age within the PR industry, while emphasizing prevalent challenges, including mis/disinformation, fake news, AI, and deep fakes.

Envisioned to broaden horizons and foster an understanding of the industry’s critical role, Global Alliance hopes to draw even more students and practitioners next year in the live Zoom discussions.

The webinar series concluded with an announcement by Ana Pista, the chairperson of the event and founder of ArdentComm, regarding the forthcoming posting of job opportunities and internships on the Global Alliance’s website in November.

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