Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk: A #NewDiscovery for Mommies!

Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk drink – one of the few favorites of my boys that doesn’t negatively react with their tummies, lol, thus a constant item in my grocery cart. If I forget, my 10-year old will have a fit and I’d have to go back. I have yet to try it for baking or smoothies but I’ve seen a few recipes and thinking of doing one after my next grocery duty.

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Jolly Cow Condensada Holiday Dessert Recipes

A few more days and it’s Christmas! Are you ready for Noche Buena? Have you got the desserts covered? This holiday season, try something new on your classic, all time fave desserts – Jolly Cow Condensada!

Jolly Cow Condensada
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