Goldilocks Lenten Specials

It’s Lenten season once again – a time to reflect, repent, fast, prepare and focus on our relationship with God. In a Catholic country like ours, the 40 day period of Lent represents a time for deep and prayerful reflection. Part of this remembrance is to practice abstinence, wherein adult Catholics are encouraged to refrain from eating any form of meat every Friday during Lent.

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Goldilocks: Graduate and Celebrate With Gradfeast Meals!

I don’t know why but it seems graduation day has been extended this April coz I’ve been seeing posts from Facebook of just recent grad pics. Anyway, there’s a tradition that we Pinoys do when someone from the family graduates – treat them to a sumptuous meal! And Goldilocks will help you fill your hungry tummies with their new Gradfeast Meals!

Goldilocks Graduation 2017 with GradFeast Meals
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Goldilocks: New Choco Velvet Cake with Oreo

The Beauty of Black And White are usually admired by minimalists. But those who love sweets will definitely enjoy this black and white version of Goldilocks Choco Velvet Cake topped with whipped cream and overloaded with Oreos!

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