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Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Cake on Billboards Nationwide Mysteriously Disappeared!

The country’s best-loved bakeshop – Goldilocks has recently been on top stories of leading Social Media buzz feeds. Why? Because people are concerned seeing their giant 50th Anniversary cakes plastered on Goldilocks billboards nationwide simultaneously disappeared!

At first, I thought it was just a propaganda or an advertising strategy but apparently, even “the company itself does not seem to know where their cakes went.”

Goldilocks The Great Cake Caper
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Twitter Follow Page 2 – Father’s Day Celebration Giveaway

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All Coach, Only Coach Spring Facebook Pages

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Three Kings Day Giveaway Twitter follow page 4

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Surf the Web, Earn Cash – Yes We’re Serious!

Earn cash when you surf online (Photo credit: Wikipedia) You may not realize it, but by surfing the web, you can actually earn cash. As a consumer, you have the most important thing companies are looking for — an opinion. One of the easiest ways to earn cash while surfing the Web is to earnContinue ReadingContinue Reading