Let Samsung Light Up your Christmas with its Bigger and Brighter Holidays Promo!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. People are starting to shop for gifts like busy little elves, putting a lot of thought into the items that they will buy for the countless parties they’re attending and using the money they have saved up for months. The weather is a little bit colder and the streets are much merrier, filled with lights and decorations all over.

And now, Christmas at home can even be bigger and brighter with Samsung’s wider screen TVs with stunning visuals and vivid color display. Lucky for you, the tech giant’s Christmas deals allow you to get the items you’ve always wanted and still have enough money for all the other gifts that you have to buy.

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May Sparkling Juice: Liquor-free Mocktail Recipes

I can now share my love for mocktails with my family via this new May Sparkling Juice. It’s perfectly healthy and best of all, totally liquor-free! Yey! Great to serve at parties and get-togethers especially if you have friends who don’t drink anything with alcohol in it. Plus, this will be an awesome holiday gift for those who are health conscious! And these almost effortless recipes will encourage you to Say Yes to May and buy today!

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Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk: A #NewDiscovery for Mommies!

Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk drink – one of the few favorites of my boys that doesn’t negatively react with their tummies, lol, thus a constant item in my grocery cart. If I forget, my 10-year old will have a fit and I’d have to go back. I have yet to try it for baking or smoothies but I’ve seen a few recipes and thinking of doing one after my next grocery duty.

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Goldilocks Pork Menudo – The Taste Of Tradition and Celebration

Have you started on listing down possible dishes for your annual noche buena reunion or media noche get-together? Or you’re thinking of just ordering food this year? Well, if you’re going for the latter, you may want to include Goldilocks’ Pork Menudo!

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