Kabuhayan Bakery Turns Communities Into Breadwinners

While Lobo, Batangas has earned a reputation as a hotbed for mining, the municipality is likewise home to a rich marine sanctuary. Unfortunately, excessive mining has threatened this ecology, and efforts have been made to reduce Lobo’s dependence on the income from mines.

Goldilocks Foundation, in partnership with ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc.’s (ALKFIs) Bantay Kalikasan and Nutrition Center of the Philippines, took part in this endeavor by donating a fully-functional “Kabuhayan Bakery” located in Masaguitsit-Banalo National High School.

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Style Up Your Hair with Lace Front Wig

* This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Are you tired of your tresses and would want to change your look but don’t wanna get a hair cut or a new color? There’s an easy solution for that now – lace front wig and you can easily buy it online!

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Gen Korean BBQ House PH – Cook and Order-All-You Can! #ManilaMeatsGen

I so love Korean food but I’m not good with names, I just eat and enjoy. Same thing happened when I was at the opening of Gen Korean BBQ House, but I did try to remember, though all faded when I saw these two fine gentlemen, Marvin Agustin and Ricky Kim, lol. Well, will you even be able to remember your own name? hahaha

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Descendants 2 – Premiering Sunday, 20 August at 10am

The adventures of the teenage sons and daughters of Disney’s most infamous villains continues in the highly anticipated Disney Channel Original Movie “Descendants 2”! What happens when the Villain Kids face off against a new group of villains who have more “ways to be wicked” than they do? The contemporary, music-driven sequel, which has already broken rating records in the US, premieres Sunday, 20 August, 10 am on Disney Channel (Cignal Ch 32/SKYcable Ch 47 (SD) and Ch 250 (HD)). Fans in the Philippines can also enjoy “Descendants 2” on the Disney Channel App, available for download on the Google Play Store and App Store.

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Home Credit Reaches 1M Customer Mark in the Philippines

Home Credit, a Prague-based Fintech company that allows consumers to purchase smartphones and other goods on installment even without a credit card, celebrated a big milestone recently as it reached the one million customer mark, less than five months after reaching 600,000, and less than four years since serving their very first customer.

“In Home Credit’s four years so far in the country, we have observed that Filipinos tend to have a very positive attitude, and this is also true when it comes to buying goods. And often, they buy things not just for personal enjoyment, but also for enriching their lives and their loved ones,” explained Home Credit Philippines’ CEO Annica Witschard.

“So more than simply providing fast and affordable loans, we are able to help enrich the lives of our customers and the people that matter most to them. And we are glad to be able to do this for one million happy customers and counting,” she added.

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Maxicare: 30 Years of Finest Healthcare Within Reach

I’ve known about Maxicare for more than 2 decades now because it was my first-ever health care provider. Excellent services, long list of accredited doctors and hospitals, very accommodating company staff though the packages are a bit pricey. I’ve been thinking of getting a new health card since I’m working online and most of my foreign clients don’t provide it as one of the perks as a Virtual Assistant and Maxicare is on top of my choices. Well, let me explore it more hahaha.

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Throwing a Party? Call Hizon’s Catering!

Have you ever tried organizing a get-together? It’s not very easy, is it? I did birthdays and reunions, when it was time to actually relax, enjoy the company, dine and drink, I was exhausted already, I just wanna hit the sack, lol. So, in my next event, I took catering off my list of tasks and just let the pros take care of it. And it was perfect coz I got to mingle and had lots of chit-chats with friends!

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FoodPanda Vows to Fight Hunger in PH

There are global initiatives to end hunger and different campaigns have been set up to raise public awareness. Recently, FoodPanda Philippines pledged to donate a portion of every order or total food bill to support the cause and had a Rise Against Hunger Meal Packaging event together with the Department of Health Manila Head Office, for the indigenous communities in Candelaria, Zambales.

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Charo Santos Brand Ambassador for MyDiamond

I think Ms. Charo Santos has found the fountain of youth, hahaha.. She doesn’t seem to age and still looks gorgeous! Like a precious diamond, Charo Santos has maintained a radiant, multi-faceted persona that has shown through in her many flourishing endeavors and achievements in life: as a beauty queen, award-winning actress, host of top-rating television show Malaala Mo Kaya, movie producer, former CEO of a major media and entertainment conglomerate – all on top of being a loving daughter, caring mother, and devoted wife.

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Old Orchard Cranberry: How to Take Care of your Kidneys

How does one take care of his/her kidneys? Having frequent UTI or urinary tract infection can eventually lead to kidney failure, and that’s a scary thing. You won’t be able to properly expel waste, will have imbalanced body fluids, hormones which regulate blood pressure will go haywire and uncontrolled production of red blood cells. Thus, you need to pay close attention to what you are eating and drinking coz it does affect your kidneys. So, lay off on those excessive munching of chips and sodas!

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