Generika Drugstore and FamilyDOC Partners in Public Health

Generika Drugstore has been very busy this year with several health campaigns and has added another one in partnership with FamilyDOC. Such awesome company that never forget to share their blessings via advocacy, community activities and public health information.

2016 has been great for Generika Drugstore. Since the launch of Gabay Generika earlier this year, they have been able to provide much needed public health aid to more communities through medical missions and the recently-concluded Gabay Kalususgan activities. To bolster their public service efforts, they have recently participated in the AC Health Barangay Wellness Fiesta in Cavite alongside FamilyDOC. United under the banner of Ayala Corporation’s AC Health, families in Greensborough Subdivision, Sabang, Dasmariñas Cavite were treated to a Zumba Fest, a Volleyball Exhibition Game with guest players from the Generika Lifesavers Team, including other fun and educational activities last November 26.

Generika Drugstore and FamilyDOC Partners in Public Health
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Holiday Cheer with Citi Credit Cards’ PayLite PayLater Offer

The most awaited installment offer is back from the country’s largest foreign bank. Time to flash your Citi credit card and enjoy 0% interest on installment plans, plus you can pay 3 months later!

Holiday Cheer with Citi Credit Cards’ PayLite PayLater Offer
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Acer Swift 7 and New Balance Shoes Promotion #GoSwift

The holiday rush ain’t over yet and some of us are still buying gifts for loved ones and friends. I’m sure you don’t wanna miss gifting someone so here are two more suggestions – check out the Acer Swift 7 and New Balance Shoes Promotion!

NewBalance Acer Giveaway
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BeWell-C Non-Acidic Vitamin C Supplement

I always tell my kids to not forget to drink their Vitamin C supplements before going to school because it will keep them energized the whole day. My eldest kept complaining because a few minutes after drinking one, his tummy aches. The pedia said it might be because he’s acidic. He’s been taking the BeWell-C Non-Acidic Vitamin C Supplement for a few days now and so far, so good.

Bewell-C has got your back covered as it contains all the vitamin C your body needs minus the acidity. Bewell-C is a non-acidic vitamin C supplement that boosts the immune system to fight against various health conditions.

BeWell-C Non-Acidic Vitamin C Supplement
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Jolly Cow Condensada Holiday Dessert Recipes

A few more days and it’s Christmas! Are you ready for Noche Buena? Have you got the desserts covered? This holiday season, try something new on your classic, all time fave desserts – Jolly Cow Condensada!

Jolly Cow Condensada
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Goldilocks Sweet Attack App

Last month, Goldilocks celebrated the National Cake Day and also launched their very first interactive smartphone app called the “Sweet Attack“. Wanna guess how to play the game? It involves the Goldilocks 50th Anniversary cake logo and ants!!!

Goldilocks Philippines
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Generika Drugstore’s Gabay Kalusugan Campaign

It’s never easy to promote healthy living as most people have been accustomed to just eat what they want, even though they know it’s unhealthy. Some would only rethink their lifestyle when they get sick or have experienced a brush with death. That’s why Generika Drugstore has been continuously and passionately campaigning through medical missions and related events.

Generika Drugstore Gabay Kalusugan Campaign
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Goldilocks’ National Cake Day #GoldiCakeDay

It was a riot at SM City Manila last November 26th, especially inside the Goldilocks store because people lined up to partake in the National Cake Day. We all love desserts and for only Php149/person, one can enjoy the “Cake-All-You-Can Buffet! And when pinoys hear or see the word “buffet” especially as such a low price to pay, you bet they will come flocking in groups! lol

Goldilocks National Cake Day
Photo: GoldilocksPH
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Daily Health Regimen to a Better Me

People are asking what keeps me in a good state of health these days and slimmer, if I may add. Well, I don’t follow a regular diet program nor do I spend time to exercise. I still eat whatever I want. I actually just had a bite size KitKat dark for dessert after lunch today because it’s a cheat day Sunday. I do indulge in sodas and sweets sometimes, but in moderation. The trick is eating right, don’t starve yourself. Most especially, have a daily health regimen to help you control your eating habits as well as cravings.

UNO Premier UNO Local Health Products
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