VitaPops – Pop Rocks Vitamin C for Children

I remember when I was a kid, I used to be sickly and a frequent visitor in the hospital. I hated drinking medicines because then, they all tasted yucky and made me vomit. A time came when I had to pretend I drank them religiously but my dad caught me hiding the meds in a secret pocket under the huge Narra wooden table.

When I became a mom, of course my fears included repeating the same situations and mistakes but luckily, medicines and supplements these days have different flavors to suit the children’s taste buds. I’m glad the pharmaceutical companies thought of this brilliant idea of making flavored syrups especially. I can’t say the same with most tablets and capsules though but happy that my teenage son can take the awful taste.

Last year, a new vitamin C product was introduced by Unilab, the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines namely VitaPops.


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Beautiful and Colourful Patience Brewster Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is just a few more weeks and I’m sure most of us are excited! But, have you finished decorating your tree and the rest of the house? Or have you started shopping for the gifts you’ll put under the tree?

Well, I haven’t finished the tree nor the shopping, lol and I know I’m gonna cram up to the last minute! I’m so busy with work and extra curricular activities that I haven’t got time for myself anymore 🙁

Anyway, I saw these beautiful Christmas ornaments and I know I can’t pass this up without posting it here. I saw them while browsing for yet more ornaments to put on the garlands and the tree, lol.
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