Monthly Archives: March 2013

Vacation Time!

I haven’t really gone on a vacation for a few years now but this year, I vowed to have at least a few days of R&R or I’ll go crazy!

It’s school break so the kids will make me crazier even more that they are home all the time, lol. Plus, work has gone on a different level and is giving me a lot of stress lately. Thus, several vacations are needed to help me relax a little and enjoy my family.
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Gadget Giveaways Round-Up! Join Now!

Below are Gadget Giveaways ending soon so I suggest joining now. Join one or all of them and I pray that you win in some! PLEASE CLICK THE IMAGES to go to the main giveaway pages! Win a Samsung Chromebook 3G! Open US / CanContinue Reading

Summer Activities for Kids

The scorching summer heat is upon us and I bet, most of you have already plans to go on vacation somewhere cold or at least not as hot. The kids are already on school break, so the whole family will be complete. But, what to do while waiting for that vacation schedule? Surely, your kidsContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Are You Fond of Body Piercing?

To tell you the truth, I’m not. But, let’s just respect those who have done this coz it’s their bodies anyway, right? I’m just confused why someone would want their tongues pierced and place stud on it. I mean, doesn’t it hurt when eating more so when food gets stuck there? I wouldn’t be ableContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Of Birthdays and Getting Old…

I just celebrated my birthday and turned blip! blip! years old (*wink*).. Sorry ’bout that but age is just a number and it doesn’t matter how young or old a person is. What matters in my own opinion, is that you are living the life that you want and comfortable, happy and contented with it.Continue Reading

Cash Giveaway Round-Up! Join Now!

Below are Cash giveaways ending soon so I suggest joining now. Join one or all of them and I pray that you win in some! Please click the photos to go to the main giveaway pages! 5 Winners – Kickin The Winter Blues $1000 Paypal Cash! Open Worldwide! Giveaway will run from 02/27/2013 at 12:00amContinue ReadingContinue Reading